RVSiteBuilder Pro vps

RVSiteBuilder is well-known for its content management system (CMS), which is powerful
and sophisticated with the convenience of a drag-and-drop, browser-based Web design tool.
Created to provide hosting resellers with easy-to-use site building software for their
customers. It provides essentials such as easy email setup, one-click software installs
and obviously an easy to use website builder.
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RVSiteBuilder Pro vps Overview

RvSiteBuilder is an advanced site builder application with over a decade of professional development. It is a complete site builder for responseive websites with the new WYSIWYG, enhanced functionalities and more business-ready templates.


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  • Responsive web design
    Adopted a mobile-first concept, RVSiteBuilder 5.2 is enhanced for PCs, smartphones, and tablets across popular browsers. The new hundreds of template designs are optimized for mobile device’s view. Once the web is published, the RVSiteBuilder 5.2 will automatically feed your content to mobile block design. All adjustments are done with mobile-first concept.
  • Improvements on Style-Adjusting
    Major improvements in Step 2 make your ways to adjust the style of the web easy. For example, you can adjust your header layout for mobile displays, including modifying the height of the header. With newer 20 navigation menus, you will have more tools to design with you own preferred styles. The tab ‘Mobile’ allows you to adjust text colors, background color of the header and options to hide some components on mobile display.
  • Block management
    Stay more well-organized than before, the block-style management allows to move and adjust the layout with visual representation, helping you figure out how your actual website will be previewed on the web. Once it is published, the mobile view will be applied.
  • Unlimited pages and sub pages
    Create your website with no limitation pages on depends on how the hosting plan can handle.


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